Launched by Alan Martensen in 2003, FirstLine Construction Services began to service the Ottawa region with a single focus on commercial interiors. Hard work, quality product and excellent customer service were the cornerstone goals.

As reputation in the community grew, so too did FirstLine as a company. More customers came calling and FirstLine extended its team of employees and subcontractors accordingly.

FirstLine now boasts an extensive team of construction professionals with wide ranging experience and knowledge. This allows FirstLine to take on multiple projects and simultaneously pay attention to detail. This ensures complete satisfaction for our customers, and likewise their customers.

FirstLine is 100% dedicated to doing the job right. In this day and age, that means the environment is included in the team's goals. Globally, the environment is a big concern and it is in all of our best interests to act with responsibility.

FirstLine believes that acting in the short term will benefit us greatly in the long term. This is especially true when talking about the environment. At no extra cost to its customers, FirstLine makes extra efforts to seamlessly incorporate recycling into daily activities.

FirstLine works with the city and local businesses to dispose of all waste properly. Materials that we make sure to recycle include batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, ballast, paint cans, recoverable metals, corrugated cardboard and anything else we come across. This is a standard part of our daily operation, and just one of many great things our customers have come to expect when choosing FirstLine for their projects.

"We are proud of the work we do, and we believe you will be too."

With FirstLine, that's the bottom line.